Why Hire a Consultant

Top 10 Reasons to Contract an Outside Consultant to Train Your Sales Team.

1. Results
Giving sales reps cutting edge, customized selling tools will help maximize production and lead to increased sales. Outside consultants and trainers bring a wealth of valuable information, based on the variety of training and consulting experiences with other organizations. Is your in-house training getting results?

2. Buy-In
An outside trainer can better achieve buy-in from the sales team. The outside trainer is a resource for the sales team that can help them achieve goals and objectives. Does your sales team buy-in to your training?

3. Saves Money
Training the sales team can be expensive, whether it is in-house or with the aid of an outside consultant. The key is Return on Investment (ROI). Are you getting the maximum ROI from in-house training?

4. Saves Time
Bringing the sales team into a training session must be time-effective. The reps are not selling when they are in training. Are your reps maximizing their time in your sales training meetings?

5. Keep it Positive
Anytime a group of sales people come together in one room venting and negativity can run rampant. An outside trainer will not function as a venting platform for sales reps. Are your training sessions product and positive, or negative and stressful?

6. Motivational
Outside consultants have learned from experience what common training methods actually motivate sales reps. Are your reps highly motivated following your training sessions?

7. Offer New Perspective
Outside consultants offer new perspectives and view the company from the outside, rather than the oftentimes limiting view of those on the inside of the organization.Does the in-house sales training push reps beyond their comfort zones?

8. Express Value
The outside consultant offers direct value to the sales reps by showing them how to improve themselves and get better sales results. This comes with no strings attached to organizational issues. Does company culture, politics or rep performance issues impact your sales training?

9. Create an Educational Environment
The outside trainer creates an atmosphere of learning because he or she is not an official part of the organization.Are your training sessions highly productive, learning events?

10. Reach a Win-Win
An outside trainer or consultant can be a win-win as reps understand and buy in to the fact that success for the company equals success for them. Do your sales reps see in-house training as a win-win situation?