Comments from Clients

“Tom is brilliant at marketing. I’ve worked with a lot of marketing people in the past 20 years. He is masterful and outstanding.”
-Robert Rose, Herbal Products Consultant, Maharishi Ayur-ved Products Inc.

“The training covered all the bases and helped me understand the role of consultative selling and exposed me to new sales paradigms, as opposed to the old style. It was concise information and very motivating, I got a lot out of it.”
-Mark Thomas, Insurance Salesman Primerica Financial Services

“The personal development section was very helpful, successful sales people are aware of it and do something with it, Tom turns everything into a positive and does a good job.”
-Hank Perry, Independent Sales Rep, Nikken

“I enjoyed the motivational stories, and it helped me stay motivated and keep on going.”
-Heather Archuleta, Owner Consumer Marketing Services

“Tom came up with new questions for me to ask, things I donĂ­t normally ask. He showed practical applications and how to put steps into action, and how pre-qualification and research builds the closing ratios, everyone was pleased and he did a good job.”
-Sheila Worth, Account Representative John Wiley and Sons

“Tom’s program motivated me to improve myself and go back to school and focus on my own professional development.”
-Lillian Blocker, Sales Rep Moore Business Forms

“Tom helped me with my sales process and to keep my focus and stay level headed. I had great results right away. He helped me get many extra sales. Tom helped me feel more comfortable in meeting with customers and motivated me to go back to school and develop myself.”
-Juni Alexander, Market Specialist John Wiley and Sons

“Tom’s stuff is super! Sales managers are going to love it.”
-Harry Fegley, Vice-President CareerLab

“Tom is better than 90% of what’s out there”
-Michael Corcoran, Corcoran Consulting