Sales Coaching Program

I have a passion for helping sales and marketing professionals to succeed. For this reason, I have developed a personalized Sales Coaching Program for sales and marketing professionals. This program is designed to help you exceed your sales goals!

The Sales Coaching Program can help:

  • Sales Representatives
  • Sales Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Multi-Level Marketing Professionals
  • Web Site Developers
  • Anyone looking for ways to market their business…

Here are a few of the key goals of the Sales Coaching Program:

  • Mission statement development
  • Goal setting
  • Review and critique your current sales process
  • Develop sales strategies to reach your goals
  • Comprehensive review of the sales process
  • Tips on how to prospect
  • Assist in writing probing questions
  • How to listen effectively
  • How to handle objections
  • How to use trial closes
  • Writing closing statements
  • How to build trust
  • How to build long-term relationships with customers
  • Marketing plan review and feedback
  • Creative approaches to get more sales
  • Sales action plan development
  • Attend a sales call with you
  • Monitor and critique your telephone sales calls
  • Help write sales scripts
  • Organization, time management and priorities
  • Web site development
  • Any other sales and marketing issues…

These are some of the areas that will be covered. The goal of the program is to help you meet your goals. You will be responsible for getting the work done, but you will have a partner to help and offer expert advice on what works in sales and marketing.

Cost and Other Details

The coaching will be comprised of one-hour sessions, either on the phone or in-person. The first consultation is free. Individual sessions are billed at $125 per hour and payment is due following each session. Multiple sessions are billed as follows:

  • One Session $125
  • Four Sessions $450
  • Eight Sessions $850
  • Sixteen Sessions $1,500

These sessions can take place in one-hour increments or longer, depending on your needs. The sessions are structured for individuals. I am available via phone and email to discuss issues as needed for follow-up. 

Contact me directly via email or phone if you are interested in a free introductory session. I look forward to helping you grow, develop and reach your sales goals!